For the fourth time now we have the honour to invite you to participate in „SNOW EXPO - not only for skiers" at the National Stadium in Warsaw/Poland.

Every year our event is bigger, it gathers more exhibitors and visitors. Every year new exhibitors join us. This year, for the first time in SNOW EXPO will participate the leader of the ski market - the company ATOMIC/SALOMON. For us it is a very big and important change, especially that these well-known brands will not be limited only to the presentation of novelties, but will invite their ambassadors, organize press conferences and many other activities.

We had 5400 visitors at the first edition, 7800 at the second edition, 8200 at the third edition. This year we will exceed 10000 because we have new, very important exhibitors and a much better advertising campaign. What is very important is that they are only interested persons, because admission to the event is paid for everyone. So there are no random people. We give you the real number of visitors, because the National Stadium has a system for counting people. Unfortunately, many organizers of events in Poland in other places cheat giving even four times too much data, because nobody controls it. We know of such cases.

We are also developing our winter tourism and outdoor activities. We organize many attractions for visitors, such as climbing competitions or winter swimming. An important aspect is the educational element. Experienced skiers are already our customers. Now we are focusing on the entry group, because skiing and winter tourism in Poland is developing very much. Invitations are also directed to the tour operators to come to SNOW EXPO 2019.

We invite you to the attached presentation and contact us. We are at your disposal.